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  Dominic Romeo   
For the past 30 years Dominic Romeo has worked in tourism, hospitality, event management, restoration and project management. However his principal interest has always been the restoration of heritage buildings, a passion which was first sparked as a teenager at boarding school. Over the past 15 years Dominic has restored many residences, including some of the country’s finest and most significant historic estates. He project managed the restoration of “Rupertswood”, “Burnewang”, “Timsbury” and “Benue Lodge” among many other important houses in cities and countryside throughout Australia. He spends a considerable amount of time researching and sourcing architectural antiques, fittings and furniture for use in his projects, often discovering original pieces that once belonged to the historic home. Dominic’s coordinated approach to project management has been featured in numerous magazines, TV and radio programs, and he has been the recipient of 20 awards in business, management and tourism. He holds a BA in Business Management, BA in Photography and he is a board member of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and sits on a number of National Trust committees in finance and conservation.
image Marie Romeo

Marie  Romeo was interested in interior decoration as a child, but it was while living in Florence as a teenager that she discovered her inner Italian flair. She has undertaken the interior decoration of numerous modern and classic homes, including some of the most opulent and significant historic interiors in Australia. She is well versed in staging homes for real estate campaigns, and has vast experience in the styling of display homes. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of wallpapers, fabrics and soft furnishings, and believes that even historic interiors can be handled with a lightness of touch making them appealing to modern tastes while still remaining true to the integrity of the period in which they were built. Marie sources her textiles and products from the UK, Europe and USA, and wherever possible uses well made Australian furniture on her projects. Her work has been featured in many national magazines and television.

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